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Landia Foundation Art and Economy

The Landia Foundation for Art and Economy supports artistic projects exploring different aspects of the capitalist economic system.

  One of the functions of art is to reflect on the important issues of our time, addressing and negotiating questions of urgent social relevance. Especially in times of economic crisis, it is essential to realize the critical potential of art. Yet the complexity of processes and structures are often very difficult to grasp without professional knowledge, it seems to me that this task has still to be fully embraced by most contemporary artists.

Artistic practice, different than scientific research, can activate the emotional and intuitive perception of the audience and provide an alternative way to explore complex correlations within the economic system. Through engaging with ambiguity and paradox, artists can create space for critical, but more nuanced observations that may lead to deeper insights. 

We believe in artistic projects based on the long term interest in issues around economic and cultural value and the interdisciplinary research in this area. Acknowledging the interconnected and interdependent nature of our systems, a special focus of the foundation is on enabling international dialogue. 

In this context we established an exchange and a collaboration between Berlin University of the Arts and University of the Arts London, to enable critical reflections on, and creative engagement with, emerging economic developments in the two countries.          
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